Work and Fun are synonymous at Dedicate Media. Life at Dedicate Media is a complete package of fun, work, creativity and innovation.

We continue to create the environment where the mind is creative and the head is inventive, where you feel like working on a beach or by lakeside, where we keep on wearing thinking caps and motleys (clown’s dress) at the same time.

This is what sets us apart from others. Life is all about what we have done, what we do and what we can do to reach our personal as well as professional goals. If work is integral part of life, it is a challenge to push limits, a medium to express your creative self, and an opportunity to make the most of your talent in collaboration with others at Dedicate Media.


We make sure to keep you empowered, energized, encouraged and expressive so that you feel at home while working in a team of highly skilled professionals, in a fast-paced environment. We make sure to fulfill your appetite for improvement and keep your hunger for innovation on high.

You never know when we ring in the bell for fun, brainstorming and ideation. There are work challenges to help you become better than the best, while surprise parties and team outings will cheer you up. After all, work and fun are two sides of the coin.

Dedicate Media is the destination where ambitions are nurtured, skills are sharpened, talents are rewarded, contributions are acknowledged and ideas are played with.

We don’t want to add another brick to the foundation and structure of Dedicate Media. We are looking for dreaming and daring doers with lively personality, go-getter attitude, and can-do outlook, whose creative antenna is always up.

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We Love to Listen to Your Requirements